About Us…


Family Photo April 2016 smallerWe are a family on a journey with God – attempting to follow Him wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We love laughing, craziness and life and have a passion for those who don’t know the hope and joy that life can have.

We currently live in rural Mozambique, having a go at everything whilst being experts in nothing except trying to love people.  Sitting with people, learning lots, sharing stories, doing life,  journeying with God, helping out. That’s our story right now.

Welcome to our story, we’re glad you can be part of it. Join us as we follow God the best we know how.

Get to know us a little…

Scott: Loves his family, God, fixing things, cars, creating things, learning things, good food, people and life! You’d never pick he was originally Irish from his accent, except for odd words on odd occasions. He loves telling Dad jokes and is glad that he can now get away with it as a father of four.  Relating to people and seeing them find identity, purpose, hope and freedom in life through God is what drives him.

Bek: Life has changed for Bek since becoming a mum, but is no less full or rewarding.  Bek loves to journey with people and see what really makes them tick under the surface, enjoying being part of the unfolding growth process for them individually and as they impact others. She is interested in justice and empowering others to be the change agents in their communities. If she had spare time she would love to read a book, be involved in something sporty or finally teach herself to play the guitar sitting in her house.

Levi (2010): Levi is the eldest in our family and takes great care of his siblings.  He loves motorbikes, fixing things and being helpful. Although sometimes initially shy with people, once he is comfortable he has a very loud voice!

Josiah (2012): Josiah is the family charmer. We are still working on teaching him to use his charm for good not mischief 🙂 A little mimic, he picks up and copies things people say whatever the language. The best hip wiggling, funky little dancer we know,  alone or with others he is very comfortable in his own company and personality.

Katelyn (2014): Adventurous and quick moving Katelyn is a lively one, never happy to be left behind by her brothers. Doting on her little sister she loves to be involved in everything and helpful where possible. Will achieve much through her sheer stubborn perseverance!

Eliana (2016): Delightful. Content. Loved by all.

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