Road works…

Road Signs
Drive these roads often (or even once) and you will understand the excitement behind these photos… the much promised roadworks have started!!

This means that one day we really will be able to drive away from  our house and arrive somewhere else without bananas being bruised, eggs broken, heads cracked on windows, whiplash, tyres blown, getting stuck and just sheer exhaustion from concentrating so hard! It might take another few years (they are optimistically saying 30 months of work) but our hope of a new road is alive!! Road works - MachineryRoad Works - New slip road

4 thoughts on “Road works…

  1. Vaughan

    He he, I’ve probably travelled some of those roads so I know what you’re talking about. However, come the rainy season and some heavy vehicles and it all returns to what it was before.

    1. Falconer Family Post author

      Come rainy season it’s almost impassable at times. It may get worse before it gets better, but in a few years it would be amazing if we had a tarred road that didn’t break back down into mud/potholes every year.

  2. carolyn

    Oh Man I totally understand!! We drove on some pretty crazy roads in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu!!

    Carolyn B

    1. Falconer Family Post author

      Oh I’m sure you completely understand. It definitely can get crazy for sure, and sometimes it would be nice not to have to do crazy all the time 🙂


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