Language sponge


I love listening to Katelyn (2.5yrs) as she wanders around the house talking and singing to herself using words in three different languages. Lately Katelyn has been joining me in my morning Ciyawo lessons and I’m pretty sure she hears & remembers words that I don’t. She’s turning into such a parrot, it’s fun to watch and hear. Of course if we could get her to use more of that vocabulary when she’s speaking to other people here it would be far more useful – but baby steps.

One thought on “Language sponge

  1. Vaughan

    I went to School in Zimbabwe when it was still Rhodesia and the schools were segregated in those days. It was a day scholar and boarding school. Many of the boarders were farmers’ children who had grown up playing with the African labourer’s kids, and they were fluent in Shona, the local African dialect, so that we day scholars would often hear boarders talking in Shona. I would imagine your children will become fluent quickly.


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